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A large part of our business is in the padding of existing pews. We are specialized in this process. If your pews were padded at the time they were manufactured then they must be taken apart to be re-upholstered properly. We take great care in the disassembly and reassembly process to protect all wood finishes. We inspect all components of your pews to make sure they are structurally sound and  make all necessary repairs to ensure they are as strong as when they were new. We glue all foam to the seat and back surfaces to prevent any slippage with use, and all fabric is doubled stapled to ensure it remains in place. You will find our fabrics and foam always meet and usually exceed the quality of the original.

Some pews when manufactured were not padded and have solid wood finishes. Over time most of these pews have been upholstered. This could be the type of pew you have. These pews because they are solid wood do not come apart. Our method of re-padding them allows us to finish the ends of the pews so that they look as if they were manufactured that way originally. This eliminates unsightly trim or double cording that takes away from the finished product. Our pew padding comes with a 15 year writtem guarantee. A copy of our guarantee is given with every quote.


Carpet is a vital part in adding beauty to any sanctuary. We carry a complete line of commercial cut plie carpet, texured, level and graphic loop carpet, as well as cut/uncut pile carpets. All our carpets are designed and recommended by their manufacturers for church applications. All our carpets come with a minimum of 10 year warranty as well as the installation. A copy of our guarantee is given with every quote.


Our choir chairs are made from red oak wood and come in a variety of finishes. They are manufactured with a padded seat and back with song book racks mounted underneath the seat. The song book racks are designed for easy access from the front or rear of the chair along with communion cup holders. All choir chairs come with a 15 year warranty. A copy of our guarantee is given with every quote. Please cantact us for a free sample chair.


Our new pews are custom designed and manufactured from red oak wood. All pew arms, legs and top back rails are made of solid oak. The pew seat and back is constructed of 3/4 inch plywood. The seat is re-enforced underneath in front with 2x2 inch poplar wood strip. We glue all foam to seat and back surfaces to eliminate slippage. All fabric is stapled twice to ensure it remains in place. Written guarantees are given with any quote.


HAMMOND CHURCH INTERIORS offers a complete line of services for your church renovation. Besides pews and carpet we offer interior and exterior painting and remodeling, wallboard installation and repair, hardwood and laminate flooring, as well as platform extension and design. We also install crown molding, chair rail, doors and door moldings.

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